Grant and Dorothy Dawson Review Calgary Alberta Restaurants


 Catch of the Day:  Our most recent restaurant finds 

Poké Luna     Poké (Hawaiian, pronounced poke-ay, referring to something "cut up”). 

The Garrison Pub and Eatery   It’s a neighbourhood bar…. 

The Highwood     As with the noon buffet, we found the food here to be of excellent quality, served in a quiet, pleasant setting. But….

 Appetizers:  Some interesting tidbits from the Calgary food scene 

Avenue Deli

We note it is now closed and has been sold. We’ll keep you informed with new on any developments.

Oh, My!

The Dove’s Nest, a fine place for lunch or high tea in the southwest has closed. Thanks for all the good food over the years!

Gone, but with a Short Mourning Period

The Old Spaghetti Factory was one of our lowest rated Italian restaurants, listed as a 3. Thus the fact it has closed is hardly a shock or a loss.

 Main Courses:  Restaurants recently updated

Shiraz Persian Cuisine      Side Street Pub & Grill     Pizza Hut     The Nash     Nick’s Steakhouse and Pizza


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