Grant and Dorothy Dawson Review Calgary Alberta Restaurants


Catch of the Day:  Our most recent restaurant finds

La Casa Latina   A touch of Mexico in Calgary

Mill St. Brewpub  Yes, this was indeed once the site of the Republic, and as a result, many Calgarians still view the space as holy ground.

Tres Marias    This small, friendly Mexican restaurant in Marda Loop may easily be overlooked ….

Appetizers:  Some interesting tidbits from the Calgary food scene

French Cuisine is Shriking

With the closing of Suzette in the Britannia Centre and avec downtown, Calgary's supply of good french food is slipping away. Sad.

The Last of the Mongolians

Xan has closed its doors. It was one of the last Mongolian style restaurants in Calgary.

Balo Bails

Balo on Fourth St. SW has closed. Another one hits the dust.

Main Courses:  Restaurants recently updated

Toi Shan Restaurant     Windsor Rose     Wurst     Milestone’s Grill & Bar     Mimo Restaurant & Lounge


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