By Food

Bakery: Just stand there and breathe it all in.

Banquet Facilities to impress your friends and amaze your family.

Bar Food for the after work gang who keep saying they should be going home

Brunch: For late risers or big noon eaters, this is it.

Cajun with a touch of jazz and you think you're in New Orleans

Caribbean: They got the good stuff, Man.

Cheese, portable milk

Chicken. Yes, you may use your fingers.

Chinese, with or without chopsticks

Coffee, with conversation and maybe even a cookie

Crepes, Pancakes and Waffles, thin, medium and holy

Danish, more than smørrebrød

Diner: Coffee, hash browns, bacon and eggs:  all the major food groups

Dinner Theatre: dinner and drama. What more could one want?

Dutch: More than cheese and chocolate.

East Indian: Europeans brought home the spices of the east, but have never learned to use them quite like the people of the subcontinent.

Eastern European: from schnitzel to porogies, from sauerkraut to latkas

Ethiopian, for those of you who wonder what the Queen of Sheba ate

Food Truck: They bring it right to you!

French: Bon appetit!

Friends: Yes, you’re on here too.

General, a bit of everything cooked just as you like it

German, just pile on the schnitzel and sauerkraut

Gluten–Free, for the many people who need to know

Gourmet, without the pretention

Greek, olive your favourite dishes

Grill: Basted and barbecued ready for your fingers

Hamburgers, big and juicy

Hot Dogs, fully loaded

Hungarian: Much more than just goulash

Ice Cream: Grant's other addiction

Indonesian: Thousands of islands with thousands of flavours

Irish, with a pint of Guinness

Italian: OK, they stole the pasta from the Chinese, but they've done a good job with it.

Japanese, simple and tasty

Juice: Squashed and squeezed just to please

Korean: Annyong haseyo?

Latin American: And in Calgary, you can even drink the water.

Middle Eastern, a pleasant way to spend warm Arabian nights

Mongolian: If you don't like something they have, then don't put it on your plate.

Moroccan, or for those who aren't quite as hungry, Lessocan

Nepalese: food from the mountains for a city in the mountains

Noodles with interesting sauces hiding lots of delights to be enjoyed ( See also various oriental cuisines.)

Pizza with all the trimmings

Portuguese, hearty food with spicy flavour 

Poutine: Go wild! It’s not like you’re going to eat it every day. Unless you want to.

Russian, more than just borsch and perogies

Sandwiches: Peanutbutter made with jam or otherwise

Seafood, straight from the depths of the Glenmore Reservoir

Spanish, with tapas and beyond

Steak: It's Alberta, we have to include this.

Sweet Delights: Candies, cookies, doughnuts, cakes and cupcakes

Swiss, for those fond'a fondue

Tea: Steeped, not boiled

Thai, nice and spicy

Turkish, a delight

Vietnamese, lots of noodles and vegetable

© Grant and Dorothy Dawson 2019