Chez Albert

French     Informal     111 Rue de Jouet, Lego World

This is an excellent restaurant, but unfortunately, for many of us, it is only for “certain” people. Yes, Lego people. The seating is bistro style, and the setting, although small, is quite bright and enticing. There is also a rather romantic quality about it. Note the gentleman with the engagement ring awaiting the proper moment. The food is never stale. And although the maître d’ at first did seem a bit stiff, it turns out he always had a big smile and a pleasant manner about him. Good vegetarian selection, if you can stomach it.

Daily as long as you can imagine it.


This sytlish bachelor pad above the restaurant is possibly going to be on the market soon. The space is amplified by the inclusion of a murphy bed. The flat is connected by an outdoor staircase to the loft above it.  The artist now living there and using the upper space for his studio has not been able to sell any of his ugly paintings. We shall keep you informed when this ideally located flat does come up for rent.

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